Please be aware of the risks of starting a new business. opener
We are looking for Dealers and Installers in United States


Sail Shade World is looking for individuals, or business, to become Authorised Dealers and Installers at a local level such as city, county or a defined region.

Sail Shade World is well established as the world leader doing business with over 2,000 Corporations, Institutions and Governments and 10 times that number in personal customers. To learn more about us, or if you want to buy a shade sail, CLICK HERE!


Shade Sails are an alternative to traditional and conventional commercially available parasols.

A product that ignites creativity and provides a personal approach to design!

They are customized according to your customers' needs and there is a huge choice of colours with different shade cloth weights. Shade Sails provide shade in private home gardens, terraces, for outdoor cafes, restaurants hotels and playgrounds.

The higher UV levels that the world is now experiencing also make shade sails a very important item for Children's play areas, also for recreational areas.

Our worldwide sales started in 2006 with a large percentage online. Over the years we have built a small network of dealer installers. Some are doing six figure sales with smaller dealers enhancing their income by between ten thousand or more per year.

We cannot, and would not, make wild claims as to the income potential. What we can tell you is there is a continuously expanding market for shade sails, the more people know about shade sails the more that get sold.

What you can earn out of it is totally based on the effort you put into it, but the rewards are there to be had. Some of our top dealers who are working it full time make over six-figures, others do it part time to supplement their income.

As a landscape designer, we have been working with Sail Shade World since 2007. We now install between 40 and 60 sails per year on our garden projects, rectangular sails with eyelets for pergolas and triangular or multi-sided sails to cover living areas. I have nothing to complain about in terms of the quality of the sails, which are very resistant, and the speed with which they are sent by Air DHL. I am very satisfied with the email relationship with Mr. Sharman who answers our questions quickly and guides us through the ordering process on the website if necessary. We would recommend this supplier without hesitation.
Lionel KerzerhoFRANCE


The $1,250 is to Sail Shade World Pty Ltd this as "a sign of your earnest" and pays for the registration of the domain name and integration onto our servers. We do not keep it, it is refunded.

This is not a Franchise and not a program where we want your money for "training" or other "services".

For 13 years I have been installing Sail Shade World shade sails and I am very satisfied with the quality, never having had a single negative feedback from our many customers, the delivery time is more than fast for custom-made sails with a large choice of colours and unbeatable corner seams... I have been selling the sails since 2009 in my region, the Marne, the capital of Champagne, and all over France for professionals and individuals.
Jean-Christophe Madueno FRANCE


We will provide you with

  • An easy to carry corner sample of a shade sail for you to show customers the look and quality of our product.
  • We also provide colour swatches for the various shade cloths.
  • We provide a website which will help you attract and gain business (read more below)
  • We will give you access to all our instructions on measuring and installing shade sails.
  • We provide technical support - as much as you need!
  • We provide high quality plastic tags, with your name, to fix on each shade sail - these help a lot in getting referral sales (example below)
  • Most important is friendly and continuous contact to help you be part of the Sails Shade World "family".
  • dealer tag

    We’ve been dealing with Sail Shade World for ten years and we never had one single complaint - always on time with the best quality shades
    Godwin Caruana MALTA


    Nearly 80% of searches for products, and business, start on the Internet, primarily Google then Bing (which is growing).

    To get people to make contact with you it is desirable to appear in the first five listings on the first page of the search. To achieve this at a local level is much easier than doing it at a National or Global level.

    For example if you live in a town called "Middlewick" we will need to register the domain name "" your locality plus "shade sails" in the domain name.


    Anyone in your locality looking for "shade sails" will likely see your listing at the top of the results, or within the first five listings. Once you are established with a Google ID and associate it with your website the search result will also show details of your business, as shown in the example below. For Sail Shade World.

    We have been installing shade sails for about fifteen years now. We have installed larger shades in schools and clubs as well as residential areas. We have been working with Sail Shade World for the last six to seven years now and are extremely happy with the quality of the shades. Mr. Sharman replies to emails very promptly and the sails are produced extremely quickly. The shades also normally arrive in country within a week of ordering. The efficiency of their ordering system also makes it very easy to receive a quotation. No complaints at all.
    Peter Ho BRUNEI

    We have been using Sail Shade World products since 2016 and are very satisfied with the product quality and timely execution.
    Charles Liebenberg: President of Absolute Awnings: USA

    I really appreciate the personal attention and quick delivery of the shades. My first installation is now 15 years old and looks like new!
    Steven Gomez USA

    We have been installing SAIL SHADE WORLD custom shade sails for more than 10 years now exclusively on Reunion Island, but also in Mauritius and Madagascar. The best shade sails on the market for sure! Often copied but never equalled. The quality of the product makes all the difference for a durable quality installation, and fully corresponds to the tropical climatic requirements of the Indian Ocean zone (humidity, UV exposure with a high index, use 365 days a year, etc.). The different ranges also make it possible to offer technical solutions corresponding to budgets for professionals, professionals and communities alike. In short, a real added value in our business
    Vincent CharbonnierReunion Island


    Sail Shade World Pty Ltd. 1/501 Lower NE Rd, Felixstow, SA 5070, Australia
    Email: Tel No: +43 688 64 66 41 05